City Paper…again

I really do hate them.

Their readership sucks, too.  Yes, all of you.

You get ratings like this

I was there on a date with a friend. The drinks were horrible. I ordered a mojito and it had way to much alcohol in it. I ordered about 5 more drinks and they were digusting. I will never eat there again. The food had no taste to it. The only thing good about that place was our waitress and the fact that they had the football games on, but I would never recommend this place to anyone. Please save your money and go elsewhere this place is diffently not worth it at all.

Kids…there’s no such thing as too much alcohol in a drink. Don’t say that.  Don’t do that.  I don’t order mixed drinks anymore when I’m out because, unless you just ask for a glass of gin (which I do), you can’t get a good boozy drink.  Fuck you for making me pay $6 for some pre-made mix with a tiny, measured shot of booze in it.  Fuck you, you goddamned prudes.

Bar Louie — you keep on trucking.  You load those fucking drinks with alcohol.  You do that because your average entree is $24.  What the fuck?  You’d better get me drunk if you plan for me to order anything besides breadsticks. Which, apparently, the poster quoted above was trying to do.  “These drinks have too much alcohol — FIVE MORE PLEASE!  The Devil is my only friend!  AAAHHH  RUM!”

I’ve been there, sister.   I, too, am haunted by regret.

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