City Paper Cuts

I’ve kind of not so secretly hated the City Paper for many years now.  I suppose every “alternative” weekly of that ilk is run by silver spoon suburbanites pretending to be hip, but it’s not just the vague classism that’s polluted the City Paper,  I’ve had a personal vendetta against senior writer Jason Cherkis for years now.  I don’t have a good reason, and he knows nothing about it, I just think he’s an idiot.

What is a “senior writer” anyway?  Is that an actual position or does that mean he’s just been stuck in a rut at a free weekly newspaper for too long?

Anyway, the big news today is that the City Paper is taking a financial hit, according to the DCeiver, who heard via Fishbowl DC, who heard via DCist (my sister’s cousin’s roommate says…).  The City Paper is cutting $170,000,  which means they will no longer have the budget to go to restaurants in DC and pretend to be cool.  And maybe they’ll execute whoever is in charge of all that stupid kitschy stuff like this shit.

Among the casualties will be the District Line column, which is a shame, and the cover stories will be “phased out.”  I guess that means that we’ll get a coupon and adverts rag (more so than it currently is), with entertainment listings hidden in the back.  Which makes the paper even more worthless.

Meanwhile, the City Paper blogs will, no doubt, see an increase in idiotic rants from soon to be out of work writers (though no staff cuts have been announced, they’re inevitable) who appear to be well into their second bottle of gin at 8am each morning.

Except for Amanda Hess.  I like Amanda Hess.  And Sadie Dingfelder. How about they fire Cherkis and the like and promote those two?


  1. Bingus
      September 17, 2008

    Ha, that’s funny.

  2. nacho
      September 17, 2008

    Especially funny when you consider this article from a month ago:

  3. nacho
      October 14, 2008

    Amanda Hess!

    She sounds like she’s 13, though.