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The Boble V: The Tower of Bobble

Last time on “The Boble”, the Duke boys had found themselves in a bit of a bind when Daisy finally admitted that she had…. Hold on.  Oh, yes.  Sorry.  It says here that the Earth was flooded, Nowaya survived and some other stuff happened.

The Boble IV: Lots of Water (part one)

Last time on “The Boble”: BOB created Man, the Earth, sexy women, mosquitoes, black syphilis, West Nile Virus and… Well he was quite busy.  Then Stick killed Unable.  Then there was a bunch of sex and babies, but we skipped all that.

The Boble II: Dick and Candi

Here we meet the Evil Bishop, who was the vice principal at my high school.  Blue and gold were our team colors.   False Rob is also mentioned for the first time — the Devil in The Boble.