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Ah, Thanksgiving.  The first major milestone in my seasonal affective disorder.  If I make it to Thanksgiving, I know I’ll survive Christmas.  And then there’s the long haul through January and February where I don’t have to worry about family nonsense, but I do have to sit around wondering why I never see the sun […]

Halloween movies

So the big problem with The Fog is that it opens with a ticking watch sound, which makes me want to watch Back to the Future, then it has a dangling pocketwatch effect on screen, which makes me want to watch Time After Time, and then it has the crazy sea captain telling a story, […]


I’ve only ever received one valentine card. It was from a girl named Claire in 1996. I think. The 90’s have (thankfully) kind of blurred together. I had harbored my typical brand of unspoken obsession for Claire and, I suppose, she must have felt a mutual sort of attraction. Enough to earn me my one […]

Holiday Resolutions

Back from two weeks in the UK – Christmas with a group of old friends, together for the first time in about a decade. All grown up and married with kids, so I was the weird bachelor who drunkenly played with the infant. I found myself, especially on New Years Eve, to be on the […]