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Vanquishing Seasonal Depression

I’ve long suffered from seasonal depression, and written desperately about it here, but, this year, I actually feel pretty good about the holidays. Christmas is around the corner and I’m just fine. How’d I do this? Simple. I’ve spent the past 20 years embracing a culture of hate and anger and I’ve ostracized my entire […]

Season’s Greetings!

Christmas. I hate Christmas. I always have. And I don’t mean in that Seasonal Affective Disorder way. I mean, here I am in March and I’m dreading December. It consumes me. I’m always thinking: Oh…god. Christmas. Again. Why doesn’t it alternate years? That’s the healthy way to do it. Christmas every second year. Give us […]

Holiday Resolutions

Back from two weeks in the UK – Christmas with a group of old friends, together for the first time in about a decade. All grown up and married with kids, so I was the weird bachelor who drunkenly played with the infant. I found myself, especially on New Years Eve, to be on the […]