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Two Novels and a Baby (August 7th)

My old college buddy James had really toned down over the last couple years. He’d gotten himself sober, married a girl named Marcie, and started on a weirdly responsible career ladder.  I hadn’t seen much of him since he announced Marcie’s pregnancy. His life entered one of those phases I equate to the turning of […]

The Big Slump

I’m in a writing slump.  Not really writer’s block, just a slump.  Never prepared and out of energy.  The end of Daylight Savings time always gets to me.  I hate that it gets dark before I’ve even left work.  I hate that it leaves me confused about what time it is later in the evening, […]

An Interview with Nacho

Or, rather, with my more respectable real life persona.  When I’m not out fighting crime as Nacho Sasha, I’m ranting about publishing.  Part one of my interview is right here.


I think my hardest job right now is learning how to spell “judgment” correctly.  It’s not even the title I wanted for my lousy novel… Everything there is just one, huge placeholder for a project I can’t seem to return to. So I’m sorry for the error on Friday and, here during a rare moment […]

Swallow Your Tongue

This is the mundane power of a name.  A thing they call you, and when they say it, you turn your head.  Whether you turn toward them to acknowledge or turn away, keep shuffling forward as if you didn’t hear, it doesn’t matter.  A name is a tug on a leash. This is the enduring […]

Back to work

Launch party update here – with a link to some pics.  There are no pictures of the after party, where I camped out in a corner with Lonnie Martin and his wife Cindy, my landlady, a drunken co-worker from my day job, and a certain strawberry blonde. I probably should have wandered around gladhanding folks […]

Chapter 8: Filed Under ‘Lies’

Late afternoon performed a decrescendo, strong light withdrawing down to its subtler tones.  Paul drove, holding his left arm awkwardly in his lap to relieve the strain on his shoulder.  Remo had waved a prescription bottle under his nose, but Paul waved it away.  “Those make me itchy.” They finally arrived at the two story […]

Recap and Chapter 7: Tolerable Pricks

Paul Peter Hinckley, our protagonist, is an over-educated tax preparation man in his fifties who has just watched his father, an esteemed and popular attorney in New Orleans, die on the seventh green of the Audubon Golf Course.  In the midst of awkwardly coping with his grief and his family’s apparent lack of the appropriate […]

Revisiting Roots II

Last July, I decided to return to the idea of “regular articles” here at GS.  The plan, as outlined there, changed a bit and we ended up with just The Boble on Wednesdays and the Sunday Archives. Now I’m adding to the idea, because I love programming articles a year in advance.

The Land

Ah, winter’s angry hold has finally broken.  The first signs of Spring in Washington are upon us – namely, fleets of landscapers out preparing our corporate greenspaces for the warm weather. Whilst they labor with their hoes and clippers, surrounded by bags of mulch and soil, I’m somewhat nostalgic about my own attempt to change […]