Revisiting Roots II

Last July, I decided to return to the idea of “regular articles” here at GS.  The plan, as outlined there, changed a bit and we ended up with just The Boble on Wednesdays and the Sunday Archives.

Now I’m adding to the idea, because I love programming articles a year in advance.

Sunday Archives will return on the 15th and, currently, it looks like they’ll carry through August before I start scraping the bottom of the barrel.  We’ve graduated from the more coherent margin notes and unfinished articles, and I’ll be throwing up the old fiction archives – serialized short stories, and the unfinished (though lengthy) “Nacho Sasha and the Knights of Saint John” series.

The Boble is going strong.  According to my little timeline, it looks like we’ll see the end of the Old Testicle sometime in August.  Then I’m going to take a brief hiatus while I clean up the New Testicle and get it ready.  It’s 65 pages long, and hasn’t really seen the light of day for nine years.  I’m actually quite excited to be reaching that point… I’ve been trying to post the entire Boble since April of 2001.  No reason why…just to say that I did it.  I should be embarrassed, really.

Cass will be continuing his novel once he sees himself through the pack ice and into the land of free time, so stay tuned on Mondays for updates.

Meanwhile, I’m going to serialize my horrible, poorly-written, ridiculous novel, Judgment Day.  It clocks in at a hideous 370 pages, and I’ll chop it up into bite size chunks so you can spend a year reading it.  Which is advisable because it makes you want to slit your wrists.

The novel started as a screenplay (also complete) in the late 90’s.  Then I spun that off into a false start novel, with just about 50 pages, in 2000.  In 2001, I started thinking seriously about finishing a fucking novel no matter what.  Just getting a beginning, middle, and end even if it was like something Jack Torrance would write in The Shining.  I’ve selected Fridays for the novel, in the hopes that you don’t read it sober.

No ETA on that yet.  I’ll work on an intro this weekend and, if time allows, start programming it for April.  But I might also spend this weekend trapping squirrels and drinking rum.  We’ll see…

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