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Growing Up Breda

On the Metro home last night, I offered up a prayer of thanks to the dark commuting gods because I scored an empty seat and a fairly empty car.  But the commuting gods are fickle.  I got the crazy car.


I was on this great streak where I programmed front page articles a week in advance, then sat around and pretended to be surprised when they appeared as scheduled.  Gosh, that Nacho!  What a prolific and amazing writer! Well, that’s all over now.  I’ve temporarily (and voluntarily) entered into a “compressed” schedule at my day […]

Bad Commuter

I don’t mind the hordes of people. The busy city environment is easy to deal with. There’s a certain defeatism that settles in and allows you to just shut down and shuffle along with the herd. But DC isn’t a busy city. It’s a glorified, self-involved, hateful little town. My fellow commuters make me wonder […]

DAR Security

I took in a show at DAR Constitution Hall last night and was stopped by security for a bag search, because I walk around with a backpack all the time. Yes, it’s a man purse. And, yes, it’s mostly empty, which makes the habit a little upsetting whenever I really think about. I say mostly […]

The Seven Social Sins

I read today that the Pope will announce seven new deadly sins when he visits DC next month. I learned all about the original sins in school but, really, the only thing I remember is from the movie. Which is why I propose the Vatican should fund my sequel to Seven. Don’t pull punches, either. […]

Send up the heat!

I haven’t stalked a girl lately! Or so I told myself on the ride to work today. We’ve got a dose of early spring – 70 down here in the city and everything feeling fresh and exciting. Except for the bus, the train, and my office building, where the heat’s still on. But, at least, […]

MARC Mystery

The MARC train. I’ve lived on the Maryland side of suburban DC my whole life, and I have no idea what MARC stands for. (Nor do I care.) It used to be the “Maryland Rail Commuter Service” when I was a kid, and then it became the MARC system. I think it’s “Maryland Area Rapid […]

It’s only 7am and I’m bored

Because I do nothing at work, I have plenty of time to obsessively keep up to date on a handful of useless blogs.  One is the DC Traveler.  It’s both pretentious and informative!  The “insider’s travel guide” that rarely strays from the tourist path.