It’s only 7am and I’m bored

Because I do nothing at work, I have plenty of time to obsessively keep up to date on a handful of useless blogs.  One is the DC Traveler.  It’s both pretentious and informative!  The “insider’s travel guide” that rarely strays from the tourist path. 

I’m trying to think what my DC travel guide would be like.  Probably just dive bars within three minutes of a Metro stop.  When visiting DC, be sure to go and sit at the far back of the Raven and drink all day.

I don’t know if the Raven still exists.  Last I went to Columbia Heights it looked like Little Suburbia.  I think a real DC travel guide should include observation spots for the ongoing trail of tears as the blacks and other minorities are gentrified out of existence and deposited in PG County, Maryland’s own Warsaw Ghetto.

DC Traveler’s recent update is on the Vietnam Woman’s Memorial, which is all about the women of Vietnam posing nude for a full color, 16 month calendar.  Now, this is one of those great, unknown memorials.  Mainly because nobody really cares.  Though I was pleased to see the somewhat obscure note that Glenna Goodacre was the designer.  She’s responsible for the somewhat mischievous-looking Sacagawea on the face of our little-used dollar coin.  The reverse side was designed by a man, though.  Some in-house puke at the Mint, actually, so it didn’t even rank a proper designer.

My problem with the Vietnam Woman’s Memorial is that it just seems a bit too creepy.  Let’s look at the statue of the two medical types helping out the wounded soldier.  Tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that chick ripping his heart out while the other one is calling down some supernatural monster from the sky?  Pretty clear to me…we’re seeing some sort of witchcraft ritual here.  It’s nothing to do with Vietnam.  Don’t be fooled by this memorial – these girls are dangerous.