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The Gustav Evacuation, Part 2: The Drive

Cue the music.  We’re going for a ride. It’s hot as Labor Day weekend should be, summer’s last holiday, last chance to boil.  We have our windows down and the music is passing between cars and mixing in the space between, pidgin notes and lyrics.  The few radio stations not on a constant bulletin loop, […]

The Gustav Evacuation, Part 1: Preparations

We all remember what happened last time.  This has all, somehow, made us experts.  When the season begins, the government and the media remind us to make our plans.  Buy some maps.  Update your phone numbers.  Gather all the right containers.  We all know better.  They’re not the experts.  It’s us, the ones on the […]

Brave Captain Harvey Drinks to Justice

It was long into the afternoon when my girlfriend left me behind at the Black Wave Bar.  She’d walk the hot path home, calves scratched by overanxious grasses, and start on dinner.  I was to follow soon behind, whenever my songs on the jukebox ran out.  In these hard times, you have to see a […]

Haunted by the Dog Man

Here they come around the corner of the block, the man and his dogs.  He wears soft buckskin moccasins so the sound of his feet treading the sidewalk imitates that of his two companions.  Padt padt padt.  The only difference is the rhythm of their strides.  The dogs are tall and shaggy, solemn black and […]

Brave Captain Harvey, Continued!

“Now. I’m stark naked, holed up in a cramped room with two dead whores, my radio is shot to shit, and I’m blue-balled all to hell.  Twelve shots in the clip.  I’m estimating there’s at least seven of ‘em outside, and they ain’t all going down with one bullet.  My options were severely limited.”

NOLA 3: With a Vengeance

Every time I head out to see my friends in New Orleans, I feel compelled to put up a note on the front page so the one or two people who read GS know absolutely every aspect of my life.  Right now, for instance, there’s a 12 year old kid outside screaming “I’m going to […]

Brave Captain Harvey

“I knew things were bad when the second whore shook, seized up, then slid sideways off of me like a concussed jockey falling out of the saddle.  Shot right through the breast.  I’d thought the other one just fell or something, you know?  She was dicking around with the radio in the corner of the […]


“Look, you not gonna get it to sound like that. It only sounds like that on the record cause it was his guitar he keep in his closet every day gettin’ soggy and melding with the temperature of the room. He beat that thing into the way it sounds. It used to sound jes’ like […]

NOLA, again

So I’m going to NOLA once again, because my foolish friends continue to offer up their couch and charity.  How can I say no to beautiful people in an exciting town?  Here’s the last NOLA post.  I leave Thursday morning and fully intend to spend a long weekend abusing myself in various terrible ways.


Did I survive my trip to New Orleans or not?  Hard to tell.  Especially when a delayed plane lands me with only three hours to spare before my nasty 12 hour shift at my retarded day job. Then, dragging myself home after that first day back, encountering an old friend at my front door who’s […]