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My brain is dead because holy shit I’m launching a book tomorrow.  So I’ll just push you towards a vaguely illiterate post I made elsewhere. The same invite is open to GS people, as well.  Come drink with me on Sunday and bounce quarters off of the titanium plate in my head.

Revisiting Roots II

Last July, I decided to return to the idea of “regular articles” here at GS.  The plan, as outlined there, changed a bit and we ended up with just The Boble on Wednesdays and the Sunday Archives. Now I’m adding to the idea, because I love programming articles a year in advance.

GS on Twitter

Right, so I did this stupid Twitter thing.  Go and follow me, I guess. I really don’t know what this shit is.  Am I just supposed to update about nothing?  Because the only thing I ever do is watch porn and Star Trek. I guess it’ll be a good update place if the page ever […]

Goodbye 2008

Well, I’m far too brain-dead to write a coherent update today, but I sort of feel that I should… It’s the end of the year!  Greatsociety in 2008 has been an entirely new beast.  I’ve resurrected the horror that is The Boble, dug up useless shit that should have been deleted long ago, forced my […]

Nacho Online

As a result of boredom and too much wine, I expanded my online presence yesterday with one of those Facebook accounts. I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with that shit, but everyone seems to be a part of it.  Including lots of people from my past that I never want in my […]


I feel the need to remind folks that the Sunday Archive stuff is just crap from my Gmail.  Instead of deleting it, I’ve decided to post it, because I’m under the delusional assumption that nobody reads GS anyway…so why not?

Sunday Archive: Intro & Query Letter

I recently noticed that my primary Gmail account is using 50% of the allotted space, which means I have an alarming number of emails sitting around.  Most of them can be trashed, so I decided to be productive and go back into the archives.  Instead of watching MacGyver all day, I’ll sort through thousands of […]


Well, okay, new week…new world. That means a trip to my storage unit way up-county in a place where only sinners go. And Hispanics.

The New GS

It’s the new Greatsociety! We spent 15 minutes updating the page so that we could better serve you with all new crap. Now I’m going to leave the country and not update the front page for two weeks.