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Greatsociety: March 11, 2001 Notes

Wow… I just ran across this in my archives and figured I’d cheat on one of my project Monday posts. This is from March 11, 2001. Greatsociety (then called started up on April 15th of that year. The idea was to have a bunch of regular series and not just random, nonsensical rants. A […]

The Tiger’s Path

There’s a certain wildman in Bethesda, MD whose iPod keeps shuffling back to Donovan songs. Over the last few back deck sessions at his Palace of Wonders, I’ve found myself thinking again and again about an old story I wrote.  It’s back on the antique GS page, and I’ll reprint it here… Because I have […]

The Cassander Canon: I’d Rather Be Dead than Cool

Final week of my bullshit archive posts!  This is one of the first ever for GS, and probably the one that made Nacho really take me under his wing.  That, and I also usually delivered something on time in an era where all the old Dirty Freaks were either fleeing the ship or getting bogged […]

The Cassander Canon: Meet the Tosers

We’re running my supposedly finer material from the past while I take some extra time to write some stories that need a little more attention.  This week, one I’ve never felt completely sure about but that Nacho likes quite a bit, a fake feature article about kids who let other people hit them in the […]

The Cassander Canon: RIP HST

I’m currently on reverse sabbatical…taking time off from weekly updates to work on longer material with which to wow you next month.  In the meantime we’re doing a kind of greatest hits thing.  This is my obituary for Hunter S. Thompson, a Patron Saint around here at GS.

The Cassander Canon: Cunt, Snatch and Glory

I’m taking a sabbatical this month, so you’re getting old school pre-2006 hiatus golden nuggets!  This week is “Cunt, Snatch, and Glory,” an excerpt from my unfinished, unnamed novel about a groupe of people who never left the small Ohio college town after they graduated and who wreck the lives of contemporary students there.  It […]