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The New Testicle II: Kram 96, conclusion

Oh, thank god. This finishes Kram. And, looking at it for the first time in 13 years, I see that it’s still unfinished. Probably because, even in 96, I knew it sucked beyond reason. But, in the interest of doing this Boble project right, here’s the finale. The complete Boble online after all these years…even […]

The New Testicle II: Kram 96, part two

What’s The Boble?  Start with the Intro. The Bobsel of Kram — part two. I opened this up and was horrified by the spelling errors… I must have had a stroke in 1996. I cleaned that shit up, but didn’t have the stamina to fix anything else.

The New Testicle II: Kram 96, part one

What’s The Boble?  Start with the Intro, or visit the Boblehub for easier navigation. For more on the New Testicle and the 1996 version of the Bobsel of Kram, check out the NT intro.

The New Testicle I: The Bobsel According to Matdude, part one

The Bobsel According to MATDUDE Chapter One “Pedigree” The family of Bob Jr is a metaphysical experience, really.  The short way to trace his pedigree is simply through the fact that Bob Jr is the son of BOB: that’s his family right there.  No arguments please.  But to be as confusing as possible, let’s take […]

The New Testicle: Introduction

It all began with the blizzard of 1993.  I was at a small college tucked away in the mountains of West Virginia, and we were stranded for about a week.  No highways, and there were several days where nothing could get through the roads.  A rare moment of isolation more in keeping with 1903 than […]