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I’ve been doing an inventory of my life over this last year. Looking back on the sins, successes, excesses, and all those things we carry with us. I’ve concluded that the world is insane and I’m living in some sort of unending horror movie. At any moment, a man wearing a flash mask is going […]

Resume of a Wage Slave, Part One

After whining about my weekend job yesterday, I had the stark realization that I’ve never had fewer than two jobs since I started working at 16. And, throughout, I kept up with high school and college… Which, I suppose, counts as another job. So I’ve never had just one job, if you go with that […]

Social Animals

I have a rare free weekend coming up and, as Monday dawns harsh and merciless, I find that I’m irrationally excited about the idea that, come Friday, I’ll be able to come home, take off my pants, go nowhere, do nothing, and not utter a single word for 60 hours.

The Importance of Snow Days

Two inches of snow is what we have right now in the DC area. Two years ago, the city would have come to a standstill and I’d be home right now, having vodka with breakfast, watching episodes of The Wire, and standing, naked, in my window as the private sector workers trudged sadly to work. […]

On Groundskeeping

For one glorious summer, back in 1994, I was the assistant groundskeeper at the same utopian suburban paradise where I was collecting questionable sexual experiences. I wasn’t a very good groundskeeper, but that was okay. The job consisted of a three hour run to Montgomery Doughnuts in Rockville every morning and a three hour run […]


I often joke that, when I was a kid, my career ambition was to be a ninja, or a truck driver, or some G.I. Joe-style combination of both. I always wanted some quiet little job where I could be on my own.

Customer Service

My day job, as you’ve no doubt gathered from the customer service transcript posts, is fucking insane.  It doesn’t demand much brainpower, and, in fact, I have enough spare time to run a publishing company, act as a consultant for another publisher, and juggle a handful of freelance writing gigs as well as maintain silly […]

The Last Dance

My weekends are somewhat intolerably consumed by a seasonal second job. I’ve had the job for 20 years now because, despite my incessant belly-aching, it’s very lucrative. It just makes me about $21 an hour, but I’ve set up a complicated system of larceny and kickbacks that would make the shiftiest unethical M.D. proud.