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A Memory of Snails

I was struck by a sudden memory from my youth the other night, as I walked by two young girls and their cheap, fragile toys that had been scattered across a public sidewalk.

In the Woods

Last night, I decided that I was going to hang myself.  Not anytime soon, and for no particular reason, I just had the sudden realization that it was the way I wanted to go. I’ll wait till I start to get old (the yardstick will be when I start to reach a point where I […]

Things I wanted to be when I grew up

“G.I. Joe.”  Just generically G.I. Joe.  No specific character.  I think that’s weird, looking back, but whatever.  (Early 80’s.)

Sunday Archive: Intro & Query Letter

I recently noticed that my primary Gmail account is using 50% of the allotted space, which means I have an alarming number of emails sitting around.  Most of them can be trashed, so I decided to be productive and go back into the archives.  Instead of watching MacGyver all day, I’ll sort through thousands of […]

Lego Maniac

Just to confirm that I’m a loser, I’ve been doing this thing for the last four years that I call “Sci-Fi Saturday.” I wake up early, brew up a huge pot of good coffee, make Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (which have been a Saturday breakfast tradition since I was ten), and then settle in for sci-fi […]

Hookin’ Up 91 Style

Call me spoiled, but I like to take around six weeks off in a big block every year and just get my feet off of America. Typically I fly out and bedevil my friends in the UK. This summer, money and time just won’t align for me, so travel looks to be impossible until the […]


Much to my shame, I spent an enormous amount of money putting my way through college so I could earn a BA in history, which will get me about as far as just leaving all my application forms blank when I apply for a job. Looking back, though, I don’t really have any regrets. It […]