Things I wanted to be when I grew up

“G.I. Joe.”  Just generically G.I. Joe.  No specific character.  I think that’s weird, looking back, but whatever.  (Early 80’s.)

A Ninja.  Also generic, though again G.I. Joe influenced – Storm Shadow.  Except no gay outfit, I was traditional black pajamas for many Halloweens. (Also early 80’s.)

An astrophysicist.  This is thanks to Jared Martin’s portrayal of Dr. Harrison Blackwood in the War of the Worlds TV series.   (Which I blathered on about a few years ago right here.) (Late 80’s.)

An FBI Agent.  Thanks to Twin Peaks, of course. (1990-92.)

A geologist.  Besides a life-long love for rocks and shit, my freshman adviser in college tried to steer me in this direction. (1992-93.)

I decided to go with History instead because, despite all my dreams, I really liked hearing about people being slaughtered by devious fucks.