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Top 20 Sci-Fi Movies: Cassander’s List

When we first started talking seriously about this project, I knew that my colleagues Rotting Corpse and Nacho Sasha, slaves to the genre that they are, would be approaching their lists as if trying to whittle a toothpick out of a sequoia. Their depth and breadth of knowledge of not only the movies themselves but […]

Port Baltimore and Beyond

Of the five authors who launched ten years ago, I was probably alone in trying to develop a mission statement, or a theme of some sort. My goal was to create a site where we could practice writing. Something that was less freeform ranting and more generally organized towards…some sort of goal. After the […]

Building a Great Society, Pt. 1

Greatsociety’s fifth anniversary passed without much fanfare, but this two part article from Lonnie Martin sort of touched on all the right places. Presented in two parts back then, I’ll do the same now five years later. Enjoy!

The 10th Anniversary Guide

April 15th, 2001. That’s when I put together with my friend in Baltimore, who wrote under the name “Leff.” Leff had a goal that was fairly cutting edge ten years ago – he wanted to create a content management system that was easy to use and would pave the way for idiot bloggers. There […]

Ten Years of Great Society

Taking Greatsociety too seriously. Taking “Nacho Sasha” too seriously. It’s a trap that’s caught many people over the last decade. Since April of 2001, this page has seen a steady stream of internet drama. People desperate for community, understanding, or just some sort of emotional purge have stopped by and shit all over the place. […]


My old college buddy James showed up with a grocery bag full of those little travel bottles of vodka. I was on a forced writing holiday – five days away from my thankless, low-paying day job to focus on the Greatsociety book I was foolishly going to flog for the tenth anniversary. I’d spent four […]