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James was working through the Belgian beers on the Quarry House menu while I was deciding what to do after their meager Scottish collection. “I find women who can’t cook endearing.” He said over the menu. I muttered a reply, considering a shift to the Abita Jockamo, which I always found to be one of […]

Deadlines & Celebrations

Well, back to drinking.  I have a couple of good excuses!  The first is that I’m on an insane deadline for the next book I’m going to publish.  The new title submission process my distributor puts me through involves about 20 really difficult essay questions.  Then there’s a million other tiny things that need to […]

Notes on not drinking

As I enter my third day of voluntary sobriety, I find that the world is stark and boring. Really, though, it’s not that I feel I have a problem, or am speaking out against alcohol, or seeking help, or even putting any importance on lasting 30 days without a drink.  I’m just screwing around.  It’s […]

Two Days Sober

I think this compressed schedule is going to kill me.  Get into the office at 8am (after leaving home at 7am, get home by 7pm, catch a rat and/or one of the neighbor’s children for dinner, then pass out. The supposed reward for working this retarded schedule is that I get every other Friday off.  […]

Three Beers Later…

The biggest problem I have with updating Greatsociety is that I’m functionally illiterate. I wasn’t always this way, but I think college did something to the parts of my brain dedicated to all of the civilized niceties – like learning from my mistakes and comprehending basic thoughts. Take today’s post, where I suffered from a […]