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44, part four

At Jaleo, the next president was easy for James.  Twenty-six was Teddy Roosevelt, and as soon as I said the name James was on his feet.  “Parks!  Woodley Park!  The Zoo Bar!”

44, part three

We were in Chadwick’s, Georgetown, and still on Heineken.  Like every bar in Georgetown, there was a pervasive atmosphere of evil and inhumanity. “Twenty.” James said into his bottle. “Um…” “Uh-oh!” “Oh, Garfield.”

44, part two

James leaned close to my ear:  “Fifteen?” “Buchanan.” “Penn State.  Single.” “Yep.” “Singles club?” “No.  Please.” “Pennsylvania Avenue?” “701.  Mo’s Bar.” James leaned back.  “Expensive.” “Yep.  You’re paying.”

44, part one

“This is life in Washington, DC:  Moo!  I am a cow!” “What?” “Moo!  Cows live in DC!” My old college buddy James was on the floor, under the table, screaming over the oppressive jukebox and pounding the underside of the table with his fist.  I’d long since taken my beer and cradled it to my […]

Sunday Archive XVIII: Korean (James outtake)

From February of 2007, this is a complete article that I never got around to posting for some reason.  Again, though this is more coherent than the others, this is a “James” article and was written with the intent of providing scenes and dialog for more thought-out James articles.  I guess I’m always reaching to […]

Sunday Archive XIV: Another James Outtake

 Here’s another draft starring the recurring James character.  Lots of these were more just random episodes that I typed out for use in proper articles. A short one, and I have no idea if it found a way into any of the full articles.  But tons of these “dialogues” exist in my notes.  Some are […]