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A Nightmare in DC: Chandra, Southeast, & Other Rotting Corpses

It’s 2011. Great Society is ten years old. Much of the Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC is riddled with crime and poverty. The redevelopment of the H Street Corridor in Northeast DC is in full force, which will revitalize buildings untouched since the 1968 riots that erupted after the assassination of Martin Luther King when […]

We Can Tell People to Go to Hell, and They Just Might Fall Through the Earth

What I like best about Greatsociety is that consistency has never been a primary concern.  In the early days of my readership I came for the Notes on the Margin series but quickly became absorbed by all the posts that described the spermy, freakazoid, booze-addled shadow world in which Nacho Sasha was both prophet and […]

Words of Mass Destruction

When the webpage changed over from to Greatsociety, we added a primitive little forums module. Since then, the forums have been home to a small group of, well, deeply crazy people. Considering that there are only a handful of active members, it’s a surprisingly busy board. By far, the most colorful forum member goes […]

Top 20 Sci-Fi Defenses: Nacho

I started with a grand plan to work through all the movies that were specific to my list of top 20 sci-fi flicks, but that got way too long. So, when I hit a point with They Live, where it was obvious that we are still living in that materialistic, alien-dominated world, I figured that […]