Skitters, DA Introduction

District Attorney Skitters is the culmination of a long running gag between Nacho, myself, and other GS forum members mocking the use of writers (and, to a certain extent, the readers who love those writers) who use animals as their main characters, usually as amateur detectives.  It’s a horrible genre when taken seriously, but makes for funny visuals when explored without fear.

All you need to know about Skitters right now is that he is the District Attorney for a major metropolitan city in charge of a crack unit of feline prosecutors.  He’s damn good at what he does, but it’s a tough job in a tough time and place.

Future entries will delve further into Skitters’ life, his passions, his fears, his amazing talents, and his thrilling encounters with danger.  Common threads will run throughout, but please don’t mistake this for a straight-ahead, episodic story.  If you find yourself confused, don’t worry.  My continuity intern is a horrible drunk and often goes missing for days.