More Comment Spam

Time for this again!  Choice spam comments…

God damn these electric sex pants!

vibrating panties | IP:
vibrating panties…
Your topic Lyrics Database ” Blog Archive ” 112 lyrics was interesting when I found it on Saturday searching for vibrating panties…

Think of England, James!

Stun Gun Pen | IP:
So glad I happened upon your blog here. I have learned so much already.

Pepper Spray Pens | IP:
As a total novice to this topic, I find this information most enlightening and helpful.

Tony the Tiger is texting again.

JaneRadriges | IP:
Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting.

Um… Okay.

Cotton Bedspread | IP:
A few months ago, a magazine in the UK published the story about cotton bedspread. When I first read it, I didn’t take it seriously. But when I found your topic Chapter 6: Houses, continued at Great Society, I thought to myself that I must learn more about cotton bedspread because it may be useful for me in the future.

But what?  Anyway, I think the Cyclone Air 2000 ranks at #4.

Top Ten Air | IP:
You do express your point pretty well, as do a lot of blogers on: Chapter 1: His Favorite Hole at Great Society, but I wish you could add a little more references on top ten air conditioners as I find some of your points a little “unconventional” and would appreciate to know of documented similar opinions. I<m not asking that you do research until next Friday but …

Long live Dofus Kamas, emperor of McCall, ID.

AKfour seven | IP:
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Yes, you do.  I’d suggest Vibrating Panties, because they’ve been on my mind lately.  The video contains eight hours of kidney shifting action, and you sure can watch it on your iPhone!

Avaigma | IP:
Do I need to install a new third-party application? Please suggest, if any. How do I install it? What will be duration of the video in minutes/hrs? Can I connect my iPhone to home broadband wi-fi connection to download the application? Thanks a lot for your time!

Oh, man, it was amazing!  I can’t believe that… Hey, wait.  Who is this?

buy valtrex | IP:
I hope you enjoyed the party.

The open bottom leather chaps and 14 inch black strap-on are too much?

adult costumes | IP:
adult costumes…
once again you outdid yourself…

2 Comments on “More Comment Spam

  1. I love the cotton bedspread spam. There has to be a progaram out there that churns out this gibberish.
    Yup, there has to be. the Air conditioners must use it as well as Mr dofus.

    i haven’t had any spam like this but this list of spam is a great idea. As and when I become the ‘lucky’ recipient of such well written, reasoned and thought out spam I will copy your idea, if I may, of posting the spam in a separate spam post.

    thanks for entertaining me.