Nacho and Reality

This is your periodic reminder not to take too seriously.

It fascinates me that people take “Nacho Sasha” so seriously. This has been my problem since 1991, when I created Nacho to publish my idiotic protest zine in high school. Yes, I blend reality into everything I write. Some people may even see themselves in what I write. So some complaints are justified. But, holy shit, when people lose their marbles over the strange, pointless ramblings here in this sad, lonely corner of the internet, it always frustrates me. Get a grip, people.

I’ve written about this many times before, and so have others:

Cassander (he and I had a nasty falling out, I think…I’m not sure) summed things up beautifully.

Since I started this website in 2001 (fuck!), there’s been a lot of drama. It’s played out in the forums and in my personal life. It’s impacted everyone involved and, at times, it’s been truly bizarre and evil. Finally, though, a few years ago, things calmed down. We all left our 20s and 30s behind. We got old. The crazy people gravitated away, sometimes through forum bands, sometimes thanks to legal and police action. Now we’re all calm, collected, functional middle aged people.

I even stepped away from Nacho’s social media presence. Too hard to maintain while also trying to maintain my main presence, which is more profiteering (and profitable) than poor old Nacho.

But the articles still get posted to Facebook, and people still comment. I don’t engage anymore, but it’s strange when they take a firm stand against the shit I say. I see a lengthy comment on Facebook about, say, my Fear Diary post, and I think, oooh, I need to reply to that. Because they’re wrong.

But that’s the old way of thinking. Because the internet isn’t like that anymore. When I started this website in 2001, people didn’t speak wildly about the first thing that came into their mind. We respected each other. But that went away — very quickly — and I can’t help but think that Greatsociety had a front seat on that troll bus. Because we encouraged it. We fanned the flames back when there were flames in the comments, and in the forums, and on the social media accounts. It was funny to push and push whenever someone freaked out.

I think that may have been a mistake. I think we broke people back in those days. I think we teased too hard.

Not that I care. I mean…fuck all of you. Right? I don’t know why I’m writing this. I just suddenly felt broody. Too much whiskey last night. Or right now. I’m drinking lots of whiskey right now. Also might be an issue.