Forum Sundays

We don’t get much traffic in the forums these days because we’re getting too old, I think. And we only ever talk about a few sad little things like the upcoming Greatest American Hero reboot, but I feel like I should point folks towards the forums. Less as a call for participation and more as a study of a very strange archive here at the distant corner of the internet.

I started a message board back in the old days. I think we had one as early as 2002. Certainly, by 2004, it was underway. But then we had a crash and we lost everything. There was an intermediate forum before our current one and a few of those posts have carried over. So, if you dig deep enough, you can find posts that go as far bask as 2005. It’s strange reading all of our thoughts over the years — how our drunken brains developed. Or…didn’t. Some threads have been consistently updated for that entire time. One, starting in 2008, is the obituary thread. Alternating between lengthy eulogies for famous people or people we admired to just posting their name, a brief notation of their passing. The occasional outraged or shocked conversation also plays out. I glanced at it today, as I posted about Bernie Casey’s passing, and found myself reading through the entire thread and remembering some of the great people we’ve lost in the last decade.

The thread started out on May 30th, 2008, with the death of Harvey Korman. And you can start reading it right here.