It’s the music, right? I’ve been in a S.A.D. crash since the 20th and I blame the Peanuts Christmas soundtrack playing at top volume everywhere I go. The bar, the deli, the guy next to me on the bus, and now at a friend’s house. When I ask if we can turn it off, I get blank looks. Like, “Turn what off?  We have always been listening to the Peanuts Christmas soundtrack…”
But, overall, I’ve survived this season reasonably well. Mainly because I’ve surrounded myself with recent divorcees and amputees. The only way to make Christmas a happy time. Hey, Christmas is great because my spouse didn’t shoot me in the leg and leave me for a 20 year old blonde! Awesome! Hark the motherfucking angels sing!

So, in the middle of a drunken morning screaming over the Christmas music, I suddenly realized that Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie. Somehow, I never realized that. Even though it’s in your face the whole time. So, really, I’m writing this post to say that. And to knock down yesterday’s crazy post. And to try out the new WordPress app…which is pretty cool.

Merry Christmas suckers!