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God is Dead

I haven’t had sex since 1995. Good sex, I mean. Enjoyable sex. The pain started in 95. A pain so severe that drawing breath felt like I was being tasered in the eye. Sex, of course, was almost out of the question. Pursued and practiced simply because I choose a self-destructive path designed to defy […]


As I get older, I find myself missing the ritual of Catholicism.  I’ve been toying with the idea of popping into a mass some Sunday, getting back into the habit, resuming where I left off when I was 14. Up till then, I enjoyed the church. I even wanted to be a priest, and fantasized […]

Sister Joanne

Here’s a nugget of advice to all you writers out there: Never let your wicked wage slave job know that you can write. Because, suddenly, you’ll be writing everything for your boss and then get yelled at for falling behind in your regular duties. People who can’t write (I won’t sat “don’t,” because everybody has […]