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Thanksgiving! And, as you read this, I’m sitting in an overheated house in Parkersburg, WV wondering how early is too early to have a vodka tonic.

Family Plot

It’s telling that Obama only made 2.5 million in royalties in 2008.  The industry really is dying, eh?  Crown probably walked away with many more million…but they’re spending a million per title, easily.  So even if they cleared 10 million, that money’s long gone. You’d think, of all people, Obama’s book sales would make quatrazillions, […]

A Memory of Snails

I was struck by a sudden memory from my youth the other night, as I walked by two young girls and their cheap, fragile toys that had been scattered across a public sidewalk.


After dad left in 1986, and all the way up to when I left home in 92, mom would plow through a 60 count bottle of Excedrin a day.  She always complained of headaches and other aches and, of course, 60 Excedrin a day eventually led to a ton of other problems that…required more Excedrin.  […]

Safe at Home

I’ve recently been criticized because I refused to give out my home address to my supervisor, who was inquiring suspiciously (in my opinion) and, besides, don’t you have it on file? I’ve been nervous about giving out my address before (even to friends and lovers), and feel I have good reasons.  Those reasons are:  My […]

Morphine Drip

My grandmother is dying. I spent a long weekend in West Virginia saying goodbye and watching my family quietly fall apart. It’s weird, really, to have inane family bullshit spin out of control around her deathbed. Weird because, well, we’re poor. It’d be one thing if my grandparents were loaded, because I can understand pettily […]