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The Travel Bug

These days, I get off the Metro a few stops early and walk into work, which is my only form of exercise.  It also gives me the chance to daydream.  There are parts of DC that remind me of the places I’ve been.  The stark poverty around the train station in Brasov, Romania, the urban […]

The Land

Ah, winter’s angry hold has finally broken.  The first signs of Spring in Washington are upon us – namely, fleets of landscapers out preparing our corporate greenspaces for the warm weather. Whilst they labor with their hoes and clippers, surrounded by bags of mulch and soil, I’m somewhat nostalgic about my own attempt to change […]

Sunday Archive XXIV: American Braves, Part Four of Four

And the end of the American Braves story.  It’s really annoying when it’s spread over four weeks, eh? We ended up at a crazy bar, which I must go visit again, run by the guy who wrote Rhyme & Punishment, which I’ve forgotten entirely.  And who knows if he’s still around eight years later?

Sunday Archive XXII: American Braves, Part Two of Four

The four parts to American Braves sort of shows where I was planning to move my writing beyond the office computer and onto a “blog,” though we didn’t really have “blogs” in 2000.  Not like today.  Today I’m free to write about what, exactly, I would do to Maggie Gyllenhaal if I were to discover […]

Travel Bug

I hate this travel bug. Every morning I get off at Union Station in downtown DC and I wonder why I’m going to work. Why not just take off and go? Of course, all the departing trains are going to boring places. New York, Pennsylvania somewhere, New Jersey, Chicago… I keep looking for the train […]


In an attempt to fill the dead time between, you know, 9:30am and 6pm, I was reading deep into the news because, once you get past Obama, Iran, and whatever else has hit the fan, you can really ferret out some good shit. Man dies trying to save 1999 Dodge pickup, for example. Or the […]