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Sunday Archive XIX: Notes on a book review

From February of 2007.  This picks up from mysterious and long lost commuter train notes.  No idea where I was going with it… Though I did mention that high school walk home again in the recent post, Train Town.

Overstock Fees

Oh god, overstock fees on this book will start October 1st, and they’re going to kill me.  So here’s your big chance.  Do you want a copy for $2.50, shipping included?  No problem.  Paypal to  Or get something off my Wishlist and I’ll send you a copy along with some other goodies I have […]

Book Money

Ah, money.  Money’s always a problem.  But if I had the money, there are tons of things I would do differently with the books I publish.


Here’s an idea:  Bookstores and festivals should pay the author for events.  I mean, this is a business, right?  The author is a commodity that equals attendance/sales, right?  So what’s with this attitude that the publisher (or, in many cases, the author) cover travel and lodging? This especially gets on my tits when the author […]

Wait! People are paying attention to me?

I recently badmouthed Galleycat, because enough with the lolcats thing, okay?  And that goes for everybody. I just hate the internet.  I want to go back to making Xerox chapbooks and selling them at the groovy record store.  I want a world without Google Chat.  I want personal correspondence to be measured in days, not […]

Galley Cat Strut

Well, I’ve been subscribed to Galleycat for some time, because it’s one of those book industry blogs that gets lots of buzz and what not.  Though they studiously ignore me when I ask them to look at the books I’m publishing. But that’s okay, publishing isn’t the sort of business where you take being ignored […]

In search of a void…

My good friend (and soon to be famous filmmaker) Lonnie Martin recently updated his blog with an explanation of the dreaded “void” that haunts his life upon the completion of a major project.

Stephen King by Stephen King

I’ve been bad about returning calls these last few weeks because my grandmother had the bad form to pass away (something I always advise against, by the way), and because I’m stupid enough to publish books, and our most recent title is in Phase One Freakout. I don’t have a publicist, so I’m spending, you […]

Wing Ding

Every year since 2000, with an exception in 2006, I’ve found myself reading upwards of 300 manuscripts for a writing awards program. This year, I read 327. My job is an easy one – weed out the obvious shit from the obvious good stuff. Then I pass the good stuff on to a couple of […]