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I often joke that, when I was a kid, my career ambition was to be a ninja, or a truck driver, or some G.I. Joe-style combination of both. I always wanted some quiet little job where I could be on my own.


As I get older, I find myself missing the ritual of Catholicism.  I’ve been toying with the idea of popping into a mass some Sunday, getting back into the habit, resuming where I left off when I was 14. Up till then, I enjoyed the church. I even wanted to be a priest, and fantasized […]

Atomic Dreams

I had my first atomic war paranoia dream in 20 years last night.  It startled me awake in a cold sweat, but then felt sweetly nostalgic.


Thanksgiving! And, as you read this, I’m sitting in an overheated house in Parkersburg, WV wondering how early is too early to have a vodka tonic.

Moving Day

I’ve finally finished yet another last-minute, poorly-planned move.  People laugh at me because I’ve only moved five times in my life.  I have no idea how the human soul can handle moving more than a dozen times, though.  Each move for me has taken years off my life.  I feel them sloughing away with each […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is coming up more and more the older I get:  Where do I want to be in life?  It’s like I’m a teenager again!  SAT time!  If you put your name in the right spot you get to go to college and do drugs and have sex with fast women and drunkenly pass out […]

Save the Rail

I wrote this last week and set it up to auto-post and, of course, the night before, we get nine (and maybe more) folks snuffed out in what is otherwise a routine Metro accident — trains on the same track hitting each other.  Which is something I thought only happened in Old West movies, yet […]

Girls on my Mind

Thanks to the watch instantly option at Netflix, I’m able to spend most of my time at work slack-jawed and staring at my second monitor, which is cleverly tilted away from the door of my not-quite-private office. I get to work at about 8:30 and that whistle don’t blow till around six so, in the […]

The Travel Bug

These days, I get off the Metro a few stops early and walk into work, which is my only form of exercise.  It also gives me the chance to daydream.  There are parts of DC that remind me of the places I’ve been.  The stark poverty around the train station in Brasov, Romania, the urban […]

Not the Maryland I grew up with…

Looking to kill as much time as possible during the long, mind-bending, soul-sucking hours at my day job, I turned to News channel 8, our not so groovy local news service, in the hopes of finding queer little incidents not fit for the big time news sites.  It’s always nice to sit here in my […]