The Holiday Writing Challenge

I’ll post this in the afternoon on Thursday so as not to take away from my desperate plea that someone, somewhere, help me get my Amazon Wishlist down to a manageable level. Nacho needs books and Dr. Who DVD’s and brewing equipment!

Also, no one will read this because you’re all on holiday so, if I fail miserably at the challenge, you won’t know.  Nobody reads anyway! I’m the last man on Earth!  Aaahhh!


They’re letting us out of work at 3pm today for a three day Christmas weekend. My plan – go home and write till Christmas morning when, even though I’m single (and, seriously ladies, how can you say no?) and only have five surviving family members, I still have to split Christmas Day between two events. There’s the morning event with the fucking shut-in sociopath family members and the evening event with the drunken family members who are consumed with horror and regret about the shut-in sociopaths.

My family is so fucked up, it’s not really very funny anymore.

Then back to work on Monday for a three and a half day week of twiddling thumbs and avoiding supervisors. After that, the New Year’s Drunkfest Hoedown.

My goal between now and January 3rd – a writing challenge, since that’s become my GS theme – is to create oodles of content for the various blogs I participate in.  It’s 20 degrees out, the wind is whipping tiny dogs away into oblivion, and I’m avoiding family members roaming the countryside like post-apocalyptic bandits.  The perfect excuse to hunker down in a darkened, windowless room with a handle of vodka and create countless inane blog posts about how awful my life is and/or how beautiful my penis is.

The Assignments:

For Greatsociety:

I plan to write ten posts, no less than a thousand words each.  Additionally, I’ll be programming a “Cult Culture Section Retrospective” through March, alternating new movie and TV reviews with archives each week. That’s all build-up for Greatsociety’s tenth anniversary in April.

For my “serious” publisher blog:

Ten posts, no less than a thousand words each, about, uh, something… Not my beautiful penis, but how my books aren’t selling.

For yet another “serious” publisher blog:

Five posts, no less than a thousand words each.

I’m thinking I can knock out the bulk of this today and tomorrow, before my traditional Christmas Eve with brandy, eggnog, Die Hard, and Scrooged event. If I succeed, then that means I can spend all next week playing Galactic Civilizations 2!