Well, I’ve just finished writing my “Post-Family” piece and, as my two hour slot for Project Mondays nears completion, I figured the perfect way to get out of actually writing something else and still manage to hit all the points on next Monday’s scorecard is to simply post an article where I beg shamelessly for gifts.

As you can gather from the “Post-Family” article, I don’t really have much of a family left. My grandfather gets me a card and a Red Lobster gift certificate, usually including a note saying “I’ve given you so much over the years, you can go ahead and consider all that to be your present.” My aunt may send me a present sometime in February. It’s usually something like a scarf from Target, or a little travel game of some sort for…when…I’m driving, I guess. I can play chess with myself while I’m driving down 95, right?

My uncle tends towards generosity. He’ll get me a Amazon certificate.

And that’s that! Meanwhile, I have this ridiculously long wishlist at Amazon that dates back for several years. So, if you feel like it, and as a sort of general “support Greatsociety” thing, here’s a link to that wishlist. If you send me stuff, I’ll get really drunk on Christmas morning and post pictures of me in my bathrobe eating breakfast with a giant inflatable dinosaur. Because that’s what you really want to see come up on your smartphone while your kids put together whatever it is kids get these days. I know this, because I can see into your soul.

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