Sunday Archive IV: The Greatsociety Book Idea

Gmail cleanout…part four!

GS started in April of 2001, then called Dirty Freaks.  It switched over to GS in 2002.  By 2004, I had tons of shit that I had thrown up drunkenly onto the front page…just like I’m doing now!

I started a publishing company in January of 2005, and that was after thinking hard about it throughout 2004.  Though I eventually took a serious route and published an established author, that’s not how the company began.  I was very close to publishing a “Nacho Sasha” collection.

This is from December of 2004, a quick sort of outline to my then assistant with an eye on an early 2006 release.  It references front page articles, some of which can be found in the archives.

Rough notes for the “Nacho Sasha” collection, rel. April 2006.

I’m wondering how to juggle this – make it a POD thing?  Kind of a chapbook maybe?  I’m thinking of making it like those classic low budget compilation things – art and everything in the margins, little snippets from stories lifted out and done as background art, etc.

I want Paulie to do most of the art, including the cover.  Maybe have it in the 250 page range, or a bit less.

Anyway, this will barely make sense, but do you have two cents worth?


How to Write Poorly:  The Compendium of Slightly Better Than Usual Drunken Ranting

By  Nacho Sasha


Putting it all together – From webzine to print (foreword by Nacho)

Section One:

Living the Myth

Intro: Notes from the Margin
–best margin Articles (50 pages)

Comics interlude – Paulie animation?  Some sort of beleaguered GS writer in an office?  Like a newsroom, old style?

Section two:

Write till the Authorities Stop You

Intro:  The Dirty Freak in you (intro to Oscar Bin Laden)

OBL Letters, lifted from the DF articles.  Cartoons and “outraged” quotes.

The articles

Feedback and quotes and stuff about Oscar – Guy in a Turban lyrics?  Paulie’s fashion models?

50 pages??

Section Three:

Fiction Shortcuts, Cult Culture and Family:

The Very


The Tiger’s Path

Saturday’s Blank Page

Butterflies & Lemonade

Cherokee Bride

The Underdog

The Adventure of the Speckled Egg

Mercury in the news


Cheeta Lives

Empty Spaces

70 pages

Section Four:

The Losers

Crazy office emails

Collection from customer service

(arts and shit – scanned in crazy mail, crazy quotes, drawings from Paulie)

30 pages

Section Five:

Don’t ruin a good thing!

Nacho’s Hammer

Throughout – Scanned office items…crazy art, etc.  Especially on the dialog pages for crazy office emails.  Paulie does art, etc.  Maybe some stuff from me?  Stick figure screens just taken out of context?

Failed Script Ideas and stuff like that as background?  Separated out?  Little quotes here and there at odd places?