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Sunday Archive: The Walkers, Part One

This was a “margin scribbling” while I was engrossed in my post-apocalypse novel during 2003.  The same novel I constantly threaten to serialize on Fridays but have, as yet, failed to do.  While working out problems with characters and situations, I’d pound out these little side story exercises, which is what inspired the below. Also […]

Sunday Archive: One Night

US 219 crosses US 50 right before you hit the West Virginia border.  During college, I drove that road several times a year traveling between DC and little Elkins, WV.   At night, the crossing can be spooky.  A gas station, forever abandoned, is the only nearby building, and a lonely stop sign on 219 has […]

Sunday Archive: Death and Honor, part one

The date I last touched this is 2002, but I think it dates back to around 1999.  With many of my short stories, I was clumsily trying to connect them to The Very, with the idea of ultimately folding them into a novel. Not the case here, though.  This is tied into my on-again, off-again […]

Sunday Archive: A Weekend, conclusion

 The third and final part of “A Weekend.” I don’t remember where this Beatles thing came from.  I was probably just listening to them while I was writing.  Also, I’m not gay.

Sunday Archive: A Weekend, part one

I’ve recently had the (mis?)fortune of rediscovering the “fiction archives” from, which was Greatsociety’s URL from April 2001-December 2002. As well as just being a place to vent, the initial purpose of was to have an outlet for that demon in many of us – the urge to write. Whether or not you […]

Chapter Six: Enter Remo, continued

“Look at me, Paul.  I’m not joking.”  Paul clasped his elbows and looked into Remo’s stern countenance.  The jowls and eyebrows bound a face of determination.  “This is only short-term.  My home has become a target for bricks and angry correspondence.  I’ve had to relocate my office to a small suite that’s unlisted.  My main […]