Henryton Exploration

One of my passions that I rarely get the chance to indulge is urban exploration.  It’s sort of an activity for the young, but when my buddy told me about the Henryton hospital complex up near Baltimore, I really didn’t see any options.  I had to go.

So I strapped on my little backpack and put batteries into my old caving mag light and set out with my buddy to traipse around Moldy Asbestos Central and breathe deeply for six hours.

The place is stripped clean.  None of that wonderful Chernobyl stuff where it looks like people just ran out with a moment’s notice… Something that makes UE so much fun when you’re in 22 and crawling around abandoned West Virginia mining towns and pretending you’re in a version of Aliens.   It’s also wide open to the elements, and to people.  The place is crowded.  The above 30-set wander around outside and the idiot 20-somethings and teenagers crawl around inside.

Which makes me an idiot, I suppose.  And my friend, who insisted we explore the “darkest areas” and crawl around a few steam tunnels, gleefully pushing aside huge yellow bags marked “Oh my god!  Fucking asbestos retards!  Get out!”

It was a great day, and I’ve made up my mind to return and play airsoft.  Whatever that is.  Shooting people with guns and not worrying about breaking Commandments, I guess.  Except I’ll probably tie them to the top half of a dutch door and go into Silence of the Lambs mode.  Night vision goggles, girl’s dress, deep voice…

I took a zillion pictures and posted them in the forums.  You can view them all right here.  There’s also more history on the site at that link.  Enjoy!

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  1. Ally
      September 9, 2009

    I know I posted on your twitter page but viral marketing is something I’m working on being better at. You should check us out. We’re having another meeting soon–you might be interested-and preparing to put out our press release to area papers and are just trying to spread the word since the state is trying to knock it down 🙁 Also, if you’d like to submit your photos to our photo gallery (still under construction) we’d very much appreciate it!