Project Monday: Scorecard 11/15-11/19

Another week down! “Project Monday” is the terrible name for my current writing experiment where I close my eyes and pound on the keyboard and then drunkenly publish whatever horrible shit came out. Welcome to Great Society, sucker!

Last week was a moody week. The four entries were actually all one piece, but I broke them up when I hit the ten page mark and tacked on a beginning and end for each section. Oh, and I switched up the order. Not that it matters.

I started out whining about moving, waxed nostalgic about Catholicism, ranted without any sense about…something, and once again bleated on about my lack of constructive career goals.

Looking ahead, we have a weird week with Thanksgiving breaking things up. I have no idea how I’ll handle that. I feel the need for a break because I think I’m saturating the GS frontpage and nobody’s bothering to read this shit. But, then again, the only way I’m able to produce anything is if I pretend I have no audience… So I can’t use that excuse to slow down.

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