The Strategy

I’ve decided that I only have two life options left. Within the next five years, I must either be my own boss or I have to change my name and work on a Syrian cargo ship and re-emerge after 15 years as a hardened terrorist.

While the latter option has a certain level of romance and the potential for much needed catharsis down the line, I’ve decided to pursue the former option. My big stumbling block is that I emerged from years of pain with a huge credit debt, thanks to my arguably still-born publishing empire. It would have been a proper empire, really, if people had stopped stealing shit from me. Two so-called friends, at two different points, ripped me off for a combined total of ten grand. And then a so-called literary investment group fucked me over for about seven grand.

That’s all my fault, of course. Once, many years ago, I believed in humanity, love, friendship, and hope. I have since learned that everyone is a lying cheat watching out for nothing but their own greedy desires.

When the dust settled and I resumed living a normal life, I found myself with well over 30k riding on various credit cards. And, because I work a shit-swilling poverty wage job, and live in a town where the landlords only accept slave children or gold, I saw no way to get ahead.

I started to work as many extra jobs as I could, sacrificing my entire life to customer service hell seven days a week, and threw every extra penny at the credit cards.

Now, three years and a few major setbacks later, I’m glad to report that the credit debt is down to 18k. It was a blind rush to pay it off, with no plan, no strategy in place. Just knee-jerk panic, and occasional bouts of defeatism and surrender. Be an American, embrace the debt… That’s actual advice many people gave me.

Fuck them. Getting under the 20k mark was a whip-smart wake up call. It’s possible to be free again. To return to the days before I attempted to build a publishing empire and achieve something. In those days, I traveled at will. I paid bills and rent a year in advance and never worried about them. I had life, and, even in pain, it was beautiful.

I sat down and actually did some math, which started up parts of my brain long ago blocked by blood clots. I cooked up a plan in three phases, with the Syrian terrorist backup firmly in place.

Phase one: I pay off the remainder of the debt. This will involve working for morons and driving myself to drink, but, if I maintain the current course, I can get the credit debt paid off by January 1st, 2012. It’ll probably be sooner, but I subtracted three months to allow for setbacks and disasters because life sucks and god is a fucking cunt.

Once the debt is paid off, then phase two. I’ll continue to work for morons for two more years and try not to be driven to the point of experimenting with heroin, and, during that time, I’ll stuff money into a mattress. The goal, by May 10th, 2014, is to have twenty thousand in savings, and half a million in retirement.

Then I walk away from it all. Phase three: I move to a place where a human being can actually afford to live, and I freelance. Editing, writing, book publicity, all of that bullshit. Maybe I get an odd job here and there to keep regular money coming in (because freelance money is like trying to catch a greased pig half the time), but I never again work more than 20 hours a week for morons.

I was actually well into phase two before I produced those books. I had a life choice then, too. I could either publish books and prove to myself that I wasn’t a gimp crippled by chronic pain, or I could quit everything and live in a hilltop cabin and go insane with pain. I walked into that choice, in 2005, with about 15 grand in my pocket and zero debt.

My decision then was influenced by the pain. Life was hopeless and terrible. I needed to prove something to myself. Now, of course, life truly is beautiful. I not only have the motivation to achieve freedom and rationally manage it, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2014 is, by the way, when I turn 40. I’ve always been a big fan of multiples of five. Every fifth year, there must be change. So come my 40th – the biggest change of all. Put an end to what will, then, be 25 years of grueling labor in the world of customer service. And 25 years of non-stop work for…nothing. A life of working for pennies from evil men and women who expect me to be grateful for the opportunity. The bosses. Middle management. The board of fucking directors. This unholy alliance of useless people who, by birth or through simple, blind luck, have nothing to worry about. Except for their own emptiness, that is. And how sad that we live in a world where so many of us envy that emptiness.

I refuse to be subjugated by the feudal barons of middle management and their elitist overseers. So the clock starts today. Get out from under, then get over, and then run free.


  1. blue
      September 6, 2010

    You do know I only took you for $600. I may suck at math, but that is about $9,400 less than you continuously claim. At least I don’t keep score by money.

  2. nacho
      September 7, 2010

    $2000 cash, plus the original plates for the first book. Those cost an additional $1500 and were irreplaceable. Because you destroyed those plates, I had to pay roughly that same amount again to have them recreated. Destroying those original files also set the book’s release back by an entire season, which meant significant loss in the early promo plan. You almost aborted the publishing company before it could even start.

    Finally, you also destroyed the entire mailing list up to 2004. The value of that list was…well, I can’t put a value on it. How many hundreds of names destroyed because “I didn’t deserve them.”

  3. nobody
      September 7, 2010

    LOL! I love that it starts with a confession that they did rip you off. That’s awesome.

  4. steve
      September 7, 2010

    Plates? Whaddya mean?

  5. nacho
      September 7, 2010

    Oh, files. It’s all electronic these days. I bought the book, laid out and ready to go, from the previous publisher who had let it go out of print. So they charged for those. These original files then went with Blue there so she could edit/review/do the initial layout for the new release. When she decided to take me for all she could, she asked that I pay her $2000. In exchange, she would send me those original files and all promo material to date. Then she said that “I didn’t deserve them” and told me that she had destroyed everything. So I had to have the book laid out from scratch.

    All this happened in December. The goal had been to acquire the book cheaply (1500 and done!) and then get it out in the spring. But the delay required to lay it all out from stem to stern meant that the release had to be pushed back to the fall. I came very close to losing my contract with the distributor, and of course was forced to sit on an unexpected expense for nine months. By the time the book did release, the company was already heavily in debt.

  6. stomp
      September 7, 2010

    Yay! OG GS drama from obsessed idiots! F-f-f-flashback!

  7. joe
      September 7, 2010

    Holy shit, nacho. I love how all your old exes are the most despicable women on the planet. “I only took you for 600”. Haha! What a fucking monster.

  8. Darkon
      September 7, 2010

    ROFL!! “Yes I AM a theif and a terrible person but not as bad as you say!”

  9. mutual friend
      September 30, 2010

    Jesus Christ, Nicole. I’ve heard Andrew bitch…but I figured he was just being Andrew. “I took you…”

    Oh, my god. I feel physically ill. Is that comment really from you? Did you really do these things? Please say it’s a lie. I can’t think of any greater evil.

  10. nacho
      September 30, 2010

    Just to drive the fucking point home:

    That’s what Nicole dear tried to fuck over. Half of the horror in that article, in terms of the expense of publishing, wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t fucked me over. All of the financial woes wouldn’t exist at all if it wasn’t, single-handedly, for Nicole’s actions.

    A greater evil? I give you Nicole Jackson.

  11. Feylian
      October 8, 2010

    How sad do you have to be to read your ex’s blog AND defensively comment?

    Poor little evil chicky.

  12. nacho
      October 8, 2010

    We’re talking years, too… All this shit happened back in 2005.