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Sub Rosa

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Honest people need not apply for catering jobs. It’s not like waiting tables. It’s my impression that the machinery of the service industry enforces a sort of honesty system on waiters, who have to tip out to the bussers, bartenders, hostesses, and others. A vast network of […]

Crime Scene

This is how they say it happened. My father started methodically. Calmly. Then, in the midnight darkness of the candy room, where vast copper pots of caramel and chocolate lay covered waiting for the morning shift workers, something went wrong. He started to rush.   We have a witness from the end of the night. […]


I think it’s time to start telling my co-workers what I really think about them. I’ve coasted through my day job for ten years now, keeping my head down, trying to fade into the crowd and just muddle through the day.


I’ve been doing an inventory of my life over this last year. Looking back on the sins, successes, excesses, and all those things we carry with us. I’ve concluded that the world is insane and I’m living in some sort of unending horror movie. At any moment, a man wearing a flash mask is going […]