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Misdirected email


I guess I'll have to open these files and post this, huh...?  I shouldn't...

--- Quote ---From: zeynep ozer
Posted At: Thursday, November 17, 2005 6:46 AM
Posted To: Microsoft Office Outlook Embedded Message
Conversation: new manuscript
Subject: new manuscript

We submit to you our paper Entitled “Work-Related Stress,  Burnout And Job Satisfaction In Midwives And Their Effection Relations In Türkiye : A Questionnaire Survey” for consideration for publication in the “Journal of Occupational Health Psychology ”. The material is not under consideration for publication nor has been publish elsewhere in any language or form. We would appreciate receving your comments on our article. With my best regards.
Yours faitfully
--- End quote ---


I haven't read it.


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