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Anybody remember the moron who created an online  petition in order to try and get Peter Jackson to change the name of The Two Towers becuase it was insensitive in regards to 9/11 and how could Peter Jackson have the nerve to tcapitalize on 9/11 by titling his movie as such . . . not really realizing that the book had ALWAYS been called TTT?

I think this is his wife . . .

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Revenge Of The Kids

Review by Katrina Maguire

GEORGE Lucas is about to receive a letter from my nine year old son informing him that his history of that famous galaxy far, far away is about as accurate as a light saber in the hands of an ewok.

Anakin Skywalker, my little boy's hero, was never tempted by the dark side, let alone fated to become its leading evildoer, and Lucas's attempts to cast him in that evil twilight have caused the Stars Wars writer and producer to grow horns on his head and develop glowing hot coals for eyes.

This week I explained to my son that he wouldn't be seeing Revenge Of The Sith, the final instalment of Star Wars, for two reasons - one because of it's reputed violence and darkness and two because seeing the hero of The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones turn so breathtakingly evil, particularly when he is the idol of children the world over, is amoral movie making at its worst and a betrayal of childish trust.

I was suprised by son's reaction. "I don't want to see it anyway," he said. "George Lucas doesn't know what he's talking about. Why would a good hero become evil? He wouldn't have been a hero in the first place, would he?

"It's too stupid. If Anakin was Darth Vader then Darth Vader couldn't have been so bad, could he? George Lucas is dumb".

Indeed, if George Lucas thinks Anakin Skywalker is his character to remake and remould however he chooses, he may be seriously mistaken.

Judging by my son's reaction I can see Revenge Of The Sith spawning a whole range of breach of copyright actions as the young followers of Anakin Skywalker attempt to correct this perverted telling of his story.

My young one has vowed to remake the movie and has already started work on the script.

I hope it's a vast improvement on Lucas's effort. This producer has betrayed his young fans just as he has Anakin betraying the Jedi younglings in one of the movie's most horrific moments.

Anakin Skywalker enters the council room to find the younglings hiding behind seats. As they emerge one reputedly asks, "What should we do, Master Anakin?" The question is met with a stony faced Skywalker firing up his lightsaber. Cut! The next time you see the younglings Master Yoda is identifying their their corpses.

Revenge Of The Sith sounds as though it is little more than George Lucas wallowing in a sea of self indulgence. He apparently has no concern about conflicting the emotions of children and breaking their hearts. It would be a different matter if The Star Wars series hadn't been pitched at children, as it has been until now.

I hope parents and kids vote with their feet on this movie and keep walking past the cinemas that are showing it after it premieres at the end of this month. Who knows, it may just inspire George Lucas to research the history of that galaxy with greater diligence.

This has to be a gag.

Stop posting this shit. I'm losing my faith in humanity.

God! Eugenics wasn't a bad idea after all!

Oh my god.

*shoots self*


--- Quote from: Cassander ---Oh my god.

*shoots self*
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Did you hear the click?


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