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Okay, so other than my "teh" problem, I've realized I do a couple of other weird things.

For example, I don't write, "awhile." Instead I write, "a while." Which is right?

Also, if you haven't noticed, I tend to, when I'm trying to get my thoughts together, use a lot of commas, because I fear the run-on, even though I fucking, always, when I'm writing, use the run on.


I think I'm probably guilty of the run on thing and douching my sentences with commas as well.

A question though... do you know how to type?  I think that's a big part of it.  The best class I ever took in high school was my typing class, because being able to look at the screen while I type probably made college a hell of a lot easier.  When you can type, say, 50 words a minute or so, then you're able to keep up with yourself and sort-of proof read shit as you write it.  Typing ability has probably saved my ass on more big papers than I care to think about.

I took typing in college actually. I still look at my hands more than the screen although usually I'm in my own weird zone.

Spelling, and use of the language, is overrated.  When you use the language intimately, as all writers do, you start to make common fuckups.  You're thinking fast and working with larger concepts besides see dick run semi-colon he run good massa.  It's the same way we read -- we don't look at the actual structure of the words, you work with what they're saying and skim.  Like that stupid email where everything is spelled wrong but you can still read it normally.

That's why we have editors and spellcheckers.

Yeah. I agree with that. Also, being able to type is one of the most important skills anyone can learn. It's enabled me to bullshit almost anything in ten minutes or less. Kind of like the speech I'll be giving tomorrow in my rhetoric class.


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