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Those pictures are rank.

Also, our sex-ed/std-scare week was really shit. The girls were taken into a seperate hall (on top of the other stuff we did) and taught how to apply condoms to cucumbers - something to give them distorted expectations for sure.

It was generally pretty crap and tame actually. Nothing I didn't really already know: like don't blow your beans up her muff if she knows your real name.

"Hi, what's your name? Wanna fuck me?"

"I'm... er - Philip. Philip Davidson."

They didn't actually tell us that, but I knew what they meant. The safest sex is anonymous. The easiest sex is "greased" with chloroform.

Read this - some crazy shit right here.


Poor cunt.

Destined to be Nacho's new favorite site to buy movies from . . .


This is just fucked up.


NOT work safe. Dear god.

It's not gay either. It's just... Stupid. Like, there's no words to describe this crap.

What's even worse is that it's not a joke...

Alcohol and the good work it does to straight girls:


(Probably not "work safe", but certainly not porn.)


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