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--- Quote ---yotoc: Indictments in the CIA leak investigation case are expected to be handed down by a grand jury on Wednesday, bringing to a head a criminal inquiry that threatens to disrupt seriously President George W. Bush's second term.
Do you see the irony in this sentence?
--- End quote ---

Poor guy!  The revolution's coming and yotoc is hurriedly packing bags while the streets fill with chanting Democratic workers and the entire country grinds to a halt.  Bush voters are being machine gunned against the wall -- the end is near!

Right?  Or does it just not matter and everybody reading this has to rush off to their 12 hour workday?

Anyway, since I only have 20 minutes before I have to rush off to my 12 hour workday, let's start the wheels moving on a government freakout thread.  The indictments are coming down from the hills today.  Articles, discussions and on-camera suicides.  I want them all!

The sky is falling in DC!  I want to see political blood in the water, screams of agony, floating corpses.  The rise and the fall of emperors!  Give me a story, would you?  Rattle dem bones.

My grandfather's wrapped in a blanket in front of the TV with a case of Coca-Cola, a bag of bear claw's and four bags of chips.  24 hour deathwatch on CNN.  Volume at top level, settled back in the chair --

"WHO TAKES THE FALL FOR BUSH?" He screams over the TV as soon as he sees me.

"Stop shouting!"

He rubs his hands, folds them together, then looks at me with a giant smile.  I can't hear him over the TV, but he's mouthing the words, "Death to the king."

Even my aunt, usually under a drug haze of doom and despair, is spinning in circles.

I stop her, laughing, "Sue, it's all shit.  Even if something does happen, so what?  It'll be a sacrificial lamb, nothing bad, Cheney and Bush will stay there, the course will maintain.  Revolution, you see, is dead."

She shakes me violently, her smile fading, her face clouding.  "One is enough!  Anyone is good enough"  

Give us blood, give us blood.  Just feed it to us.  Throw one of your slaves through the palace doors and onto the street.  Close those doors and barricade them.  Let us creep, slowly, from the shadows and hovels and gutters, and devour them.  Feed us Rove!  Feed us Libby!  We'll take any portrait that has a name, we'll crawl through the dust in our tattered leper's robes and feed on the spleen of Karl Rove.  

Such simplicity in the mind of the revolutionary.  Sacrifice to us, tyrant king, and you buy yourself your last two years.

Hatred seethed at work yesterday.  The American liberals chattering, the news on every computer, hushed conversations in front of the wall-sized window that looks out at the Capitol Building.  The dome against the rainy sky, heads bent in the foreground.  Work will be at a standstill today.  Every breath caught, thin, hopeful smiles, hands shaking over the keyboard as webpages are refreshed, everyone waiting for the one who finds it first.  A shout of victory, the cue to refresh, refresh, refresh.

I think most of the reg'lar folks know it's all theatre. Rove or some other schmuck will get indicted and "step down," I'll owe Tyson ten bucks, There will be a two year trial that ends in somebody's reputation ruined and then it'll be the 2008 Prez election and everyone will be like, "Wilson? Plame? Rove? Libby? Who are they?"

Bush is lame duck, which is frightening because there's three years left in his presidency. The GOP are distancing themselves from him because he has turned out to be the incompetant obsessive compulsive his detractors said he was.

And of course the lib-lappers want blood! The karma flipping around on the Bushies isn't even close to what it should be. I'm going to tuned into CNN all day and jerk off everytime Rove says "I can't recall." Then I'll laugh maniacally screaming, "Caeser is crumbling!"

This country has 2nd term disease.  Clinton had Lewinsky, Reagan had the whole Iran Contra thing, Watergate... it's just too fucking typical.  Why does this always happen to us?  The only thing that seems to change are which groups of people want heads to roll.

I will give it to Clinton though... sperm stains on a business dress and a cigar to the crotch was hysterical.  What a card.

See, I'd much rather have my president a pimp than a shifty-eyed freak.

But yeah, I'm loving this. CRUMBLE, ADMINISTRATION! CRUMBLE!


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