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I've been telling various people (including Nacho) about this fifteen minute home video/documentary from 1986, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, for months now, but didn't know where to get a copy. In prep for my party this weekend, I was hoping to score a copy since most of the people I've been gabbing about to will be there. Much to my joy and surprise, the film is online!


If you watch nothing else I ever post on GS, wtach this. It will scar you forever while your laughing yourself silly.

I want to go to a Judas Priest concert now.

Oh my god... I cannot wait to get to work tomorrow so I can watch this!

When you get the chance, watch some of this guy's other films. He worked on Loacl access in So. Maryland for over fifteen years and saw all different leagues of fucked up shit. It's surreal.


Also: http://www.heavymetalparkinglot.net/


"I'd jump his bo-ones."


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