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so nubbins left me a testimonial today on  under extreme duress.  i told him i'd take away his ex-box for a day and he folded like a five year old begging for Go-gurt.

he said something about my tits and milk.  i can't remember.  no wait, not milk.  the mason dixon line.  speaking of, Mason "the line" Dixon is the name of the next baddie in...wait for it...ROCKY 6.  has anyone else heard about this?  I think that's why i'm so depressed right now.  Stallone got the green light to fucking make a fucking Rocky 6.  shoot me in the gonads.

So, does loneliness make you insane, or does insanity keep you lonely?

good question.  i'd like to answer that in two parts.

Part 1: Loneliness is a state of mind, not a state of being.  In fact, there are probably about 10 people within 20 feet of me right now, albeit through the drywall.  Beyond that, there are probably 600 people in this apartment complex, which has a fitness center and easy-to-use laundry facilities.  So I'm not technically lonely.  As far as insane goes, well, i have a little saying.  The only true threat to our sanity is that we might fully gain it.  

Part 2: Fuck you, RC! just cause you have a wife and 5 poodles and a yacht club membership doesn't mean you can shit all over me and my one bedroom, post-katrina nightmare lifestyle!  i'm like Emilio estevez...I'll always come back.

Part 3: what was the question?

Oh, I wasn't judging. I have a wife and three cats (not five poodles) and I still get lonely. Explain that shit?

teh teh teh teh


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