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weeeeell, it's been awhile, but it's a goddamn wednesday night and I've got my day off tomorrow instead of the weekend, so tonight I'm going to finish off the bottle of Tanqueray and belch all of my thoughts into this forum, as well as attempt to figure out how to put my cell phone pictures online.  

First....find the tonic water!

Write, man, write!

I'll check in with you every once in a while. I'm around "supposedly" working on the script for teh next film project . . .

I'm caffeinated to the gills, so I might as well get something done.

so, i'm currently at 30%, downloading every single Bjork album ever.  Should I feel happy about this?  I mean, I've always kind of liked Bjork, but every album? including the sugarcubes shit?  how am I supposed to process all this stuff once i get it?  chronologically?  or do I go straight for Vespertine and listen to the few songs i don't know on it?  Why can't i find every single Counting Crows album (including the online releases) in one torrent?  you know, something a little more productive?  and where is bjork these days?  

(on the couch.  with the urine.)

you have gills?  like that guy on seaquest?

anyway, so it turns out i can't send photos to the internet.  i could've swore i saw that option in my manual, but i guess not.  

so now i'm thinking about my goals. and women.

it is my goal to date/marry one of these women (in no particular order):

Aimee Mann
Zadie Smith
Catherine Keener
Evangeline Lilly
That girl from Bones (never seen the show)
is it wrong to say Lois Griffin? I'm going to say Lois Griffin.  I don't care what anyone says.
That girl who works at Village Deli

why won't firefox let me cut and paste?  something seriously wrong here.  



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