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Tell Cassander What to Do Tonight

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Hey.  I was going to, you know, hang out and stuff, but i've been writing for hours and i need to veg.  But i'm also an indecisive person.  It's called audience participation, people.  Catch it!

Velvet Goldmine's the only one i haven't seen.  Is it worth my time?

Christ... anything but Once Upon a Time in Mexico.... bleh.

Cassander:'s awesome!  Don't be an emo fag.

have you seen Velvet Goldmine, Nubs?

YEah, Nubbins, you're turning into Tyler with that Once Upon a Time crack.

Velvet Goildmine rocks!  I used to put on glitter makeup and watch it over and over.  I bought the album and played it really loud and drank dessert wine.  It's oodles of fun.

Of course, I have a weak spot for glitter rock.

If you haven't seen it, watch it.  Get drunk, then watch it.


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