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This is an oldie but a goodie. I went out tonight and we started talking about John Titor, the soldier from 2036 who supposedly came back in time to 2000/2001 for about a four month period. It very well may be a hoax, but if it is, It's an extremely well done one. Fascinating raeding. Quite haunting.

Start at the wikipedia entry, which gives the best overview.


From what I can tell, it's definitely a bona-fide "cool thing" because, like what you said, either it's real (har har), or it's an amazingly elaborate and well-done hoax.

It's fun, though.

interesting, but obvious bullshit.  very clever, but still so much is absent that it's apalling how many believers are out there.  maybe i should try to convince people that i'm jesus.  that's the problem with all these self-made messiahs yelling on street corners: they're not on internet forums!

ok, so i was talking to my fellow displaced new orleans roommate about this john titor guy and we started talking about time travel, etc., and he tells me about this phenomenon wherein someone is just walking along or something, maybe turns a corner, and all of the sudden they're in the past.  he told me it happened to him, and if you guys want to hear the story, i'll write it up tomorrow (right now i'm beat). anyway, my friend calls it "time flux" but i just did some searches and came up with bupkis.  anyone else ever hear of this or know what it's called?  my friend gave a semi-famous example of these two sisters who were in their hometown, turned a corner, and were 50 years in the past.  what they told people were pretty accurate descriptions of the time and place (which, of course, might be readily available, who knows).  but anyway, they didn't have to do anything, they were just walking along.  so there's no science here, just some kind of ghost/time travel combo.  anyone? bueller?

It's a phenomenon called "nucking futz".


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