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See how long it takes before he adds more word filters.

Also: 6ay.  Right, does that work?  As in, Monkey is 6ay.

Where'd Tyson go?  So easily defeated?  Come on, you bitch.

Is Yotoc entering menopause? Is that why he's so pissed off?

What, me, defeated? I have no idea what you're talking about. You people ain't won shit. Are the forums some sort of masculine testing grounds? What the fuck? It's a fucking forum site for losers with no social lives. We all log on, vent our petty frustrations and all about the sex we're (not really) having and how much better than each other we are, and then go masturbate over pictures from Newsweek. I'm a Time man myself, actually.

We're all going to grow old and die and GS will be forgotten like an used condom.

And what's Yotoc's big problem? I always picture my little brother when he was 5 when I think of Yotoc. I swear to god. You walk in, say hello, scratch your ass, and then the kid starts tearing through the house, screaming bloody murder, and breaking windows for no appearant reason. If you step on a Lego, the kid will come at your throat with a butter knife, Chucky-style. My guess is that he had/has control issues that never got resolved as a teenager and now that he's got admin rights on some forgotten forum on the internet, he's the king of the world, and, much like his favorite monkey-boy leader of the US, has to go running around to prove himself to his daddy.

*logs off*

*logs in*


*makes parody account*




And, why, yes, I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. This is fun!


--- Quote from: Matt ---Is yotoc entering menopause? Is that why he's so pissed off?
--- End quote ---

We prefer the term "The Change."

He lost the coin toss; the class got to practice giving enemas on him.


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