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Google vs. A Bored Author's Guild (long)

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(Also, Nacho, do you have the link that the VP-PM mentions in "(Here's an article by one of the many legal scholars who have weighed in on Google Print.)"?)
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--- Quote from: yotoc ---Doesn't Amazon do this to an extent?  Just like the first few pages?  It's basically the same thing.  It's not like you're going to be able to sit down and google up the entire Harry Potter collection and read it.  Or am I missing something?  Fucking stupid writers.  I hate them all.
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Yes, they do.  But, see, Amazon sells.  Google is doing an online library.  Library = free and, well, enter the mass of Luddites.  Those who fear the internet so much that they'll eventually wipe out their sales and burn up in fear.

It's a moneymaker, in my book.  Especially with the option to put your own online store in the top spot.  It'll do nothign but drive sales to a publisher that, otherwise, they wouldn't have gotten.

I love the shit they rant about regarding people who'll circumvent the whole system. I mean seriously.

Say you're a nefarious evil-doer who wants to read books for free. Are you going to spend months of your life cracking the system? Or are you going to go to a motherfucking library?

Fucking FUN and JOY killers.

Where have you been, Judy Beale?


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